Hey there!

Let me tell you a bit about myself…

I’m Claire. I’m a lawyer, writer, teacher, coach and lifelong learner. And, I’m a flow junkie – if you’re curious what that’s all about, you’ll have to ask me in person. I left my cushy six-figure corporate lawyer job in 2012 in search of a more meaningful life.

What I’ve discovered since leaving my cushy job was that it was the ease and comfort of that job that prevented me from reaching my full potential and finding my raison d’être. So now, I teach at a local post-secondary institution, I coach and mentor people to help them transform their lives, and I’m working on a number of book projects.

The secret to a fulfilling life is meaning and purpose…

What I’ve learned since walking away from my job as a corporate lawyer is that the secret to a fulfilling life is meaning and purpose. For me, that means being of service to others.

Which brings me to you. I’ve put my heart and soul into creating offerings that will help you to transform your life. Much of what I’ve created, I’m offering for free. Why? Because as a runner and adventure racer, I love finding free swag in my race package. So, if you’d like some free swag, go to the Resources section and take what you need.

If you would like to do some deeper work, take a look at what’s on offer in the Growth Mindset Academy. I’ve created a program that is part coaching, part teaching and part mastermind to help you to be the best, most successful you that you can be. It would be my privilege to be on this journey with you.

The key to happiness is fulfillment

Credentials and Professional Background

  • Whole Person Certified Coach (Coach Training World)
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer
  • Called to the BC Bar in 1989
  • Juris Doctor (University of British Columbia)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (University of British Columbia)

“Funny thing about happiness is that you can’t chase it. The path to being happy lies in doing what fulfills you, doing what matters to you, doing what lights you up.”

– Claire Yeung

When not teaching, coaching or writing, I can be found running, cycling, kayaking or enjoying a glass of wine in North Vancouver, BC. Or, pursuing a Bucket List experience somewhere in the world.

Make every moment count!

Isn’t it time, you started living that epic, fulfilling life you’ve always dreamed of?