Here’s Your Permission Slip…

To be in your happy place.

To feel unabashed joy.

To live your best life.

After years of toiling away in a career that was soul-crushing, I found my happy place. And you can too.

Let me help you get started on your journey to living your best life.

Buy my book, The Eighty Year Rule. It’ll be the best $15.00 you ever spend.

It will teach you how to live a life of no regrets.


Lawyer. Writer. Teacher. Coach. Lifelong Learner

Hi! I am Claire. Welcome to my website.
I left my soul-crushing six-figure corporate lawyer job in 2012 in search of a more joyous life.

What I discovered was that the answer was simply to do what I love.


My latest passion project is creating fun designs for t-shirts, leggings and home décor. Check out it. Maybe, you’ll find something that makes you smile.