Growth Mindset Academy

Where the Magic Happens...
Photo By Izaac Lawrence

Welcome to growth mindset academy!

This program is part coaching, part teaching, part mastermind. You will have the opportunity to figure out what’s important to you, how you currently show up in the world, and how to develop the mindset you need to transform your life.

Introduction to Growth Mindset Academy

$20.00 CDN

Find out what it’s like to work with me. We will spend 20 minutes together on Google Hangouts where you will get a chance to do a values discovery and do some growth vs. comfort exploration.

Growth Mindset Academy – Level 1

$350.00 CDN

Level 1 includes one 60 minute learning session and one 45 minute follow-up meeting. The 60 minute learning session will include a values discovery, an Archetype Coaching Process session to help you articulate how you show up in the world, and growth vs. comfort exploration. The 45 minute follow-up meeting will focus on further archetype coaching work and formulating an action plan to help you to transform your life. You will also get a deck of the archetype cards.

Growth Mindset Academy – Level 2

$300.00 CDN

Level 2 includes one 60 minute learning session and one 45 minute follow-up meeting. The learning session and the follow-up meeting will focus on deeper work with the Archetype Coaching Process and helping you to stretch to the edges of your limits.

(Prerequisite: completion of Level 1 and 3 weeks of self work, after completion of Level 1.)

Super Deal – Level 1 + Level 2

$500.00 CDN

One Life. No Regrets!